6 Bite-Size Lessons on Getting Unstuck

May 5, 2016 | Sales

Getting stuck sucks. Whether you’ve hit a wall on a huge project, or lost a customer we’ve all been stuck. There are countless ways to get unstuck, but to make it easier for you I’ve gathered a few of the top videos from the LinkedIn Group, GetUnstuck- By Salespeople, for Salespeople. Let’s start with a simple yet effective method of getting unstuck by Alice Heiman. It’s a real treat (pun intended)!

1. How to Get Unstuck – @AliceHeiman

2. How to Get Unstuck and get Clarity on a Deal – @DaveSelinger

Dave recommends trying to think outside of the box, or in this case outside of the company. He had a very engaged prospect, and suddenly they went radio silent. After trying all of their usual tactics, they still had nothing. Then one day they decided to try something completely different and reached out to former employees that had recently left the company.  By talking to these former employees they realized that what was stuck was not the value of what they were selling, but was instead the inner politics of the company. By thinking outside of the box and reaching out to these employees they learned exactly how to move the deal forward.


3. How to Get Unstuck and Get Over Rejection – @SalesProInsider

Often salespeople will get stuck when they’ve poured all of their heart and soul into a deal and it gets rejected. Nancy Bleeke recommends allocating 1, 3, or 5 minutes for feeling bad about that rejection. By acknowledging the rejection, but also giving yourself a set amount of time you can move on easier. If you get stuck after being rejected give yourself a finite number of minutes to get unstuck, and then move on.


4. How to get Unstuck When You Feel like Quitting- @aSalesGuy

Keenan says the best way to get unstuck is not getting stuck in the first place! When you’re stuck that’s your mind telling you that you’re about to give up and quit. What you need to do is flip the script, and realize that you just have a problem you don’t know how to solve…yet! He recommends: Reaching out and asking for help, talking to a mentor, and researching your answer online. One of my favorite quotes from his video is, “Never let the stuck mindset settle in and you’ll never need to get unstuck.”


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5. How to Get Unstuck by Not Focusing on The Deal – @HeinzMarketing

Matt Heinz, of Heinz marketing, has a great way to get unstuck when your deal isn’t moving forward. He recommends not focusing too much on your deal. If you are continually asking your prospects “Where’s my contract?”, it gets old really fast and can end up annoying them. Instead, he recommends reaching out to them with something that interests them that doesn’t have to do with the deal. He has a great example in the video. One way you can learn more about your prospects interests is through social media. Do they love a specific sports team? I bet if they do, they’ve posted about it on their twitter or liked a sports page on their Facebook. Use social media to learn and engage with your prospects, Matt did and ended up closing a stalled deal!


6. How to Get Unstuck by Creating Value – @JackKosakowski1

Jack Kosakowski recommends asking yourself the following 3 questions when you’re feeling stuck:

  1. Am I talking to the right person? If you’re not talking the right person you’ve got more work to do.
  2. Did I sell them on my product as well as yourself? To sell your product you need to sell yourself as well.
  3. Why did they go dark? If they went dark you need to ask yourself, why? You’ve probably missed something vital within the sales process.


You need to be an advocate for the buyer vs being a sales person. To become an advocate jack recommends using social media. Try going to their LinkedIn and see if you can share any of their LinkedIn publisher articles. Ask yourself how can I help them generate business? Which will lead to bringing them back into the conversation and establishing a strong bond between you and your prospect. Jack sums it up perfectly, “Add so much value to your buyers on social media that you inspire your buyers to want to give you their time and business.”



Getting stuck happens, but it’s the way you approach each situation that makes the difference. If you need a few more ideas, email me at alice@aliceh2.sg-host.com.

Sabra Rubinstein

Sabra Rubinstein


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