Sales Talk for CEOs: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale with Expert Brian Carroll (S2:E10)

Apr 7, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Lead generation is often ranked as one of the biggest challenges of growing a business. That’s why I invited expert Brian Carroll to the Sales Talk for CEOs podcast to discuss what CEOs should know about generating leads for complex sales. Brian is the founder of Markempa, an empathy-based marketing company, and the author of the bestselling book Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. In this episode, he shares expert advice and actionable strategies for CEOs to evaluate their current lead generation practices and make adjustments that will increase sales.

In this interview, Brian diagnoses the problem of many marketing messages, and he encourages CEOs to see things differently by developing empathy and trying to understand the world of the customer. He shares many practical steps CEOs can take, including conducting customer journey interviews, keeping an eye on specific metrics, and employing strategies like empathetic listening and emotional leadership. This episode is for CEOs who want to improve lead generation by evaluating current methods and guiding their teams to adopt better practices. If this sounds like you, then listen in today!

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Highlights of this Episode:

[1:45] Diagnosing the problem with most marketing messages

[7:25] How to conduct customer journey interviews

[16:09] How to use empathy indexing to improve the customer experience

[21:53] Specific metrics CEOs should use to assess their sales team and processes

[30:25] Analyzing sales calls to improve strategy and training

[35:55] The value of empathetic listening

[44:24] Three questions to ask to improve your sales processes

[48:00] Using emotional leadership to empower your team

About Our Guest

Brian Carroll is the CEO and founder of markempa. He is the author of the bestseller Lead Generation for the Complex Sale and the markempa blog, which thousands read weekly. As a researcher and leader in empathy-based marketing, Brian’s at the epicenter of the shifting customer landscape. He also founded the B2B Lead Roundtable LinkedIn Group with 20,000+ members.

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