Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker: Motivation the Drives Results

As a Keynote Speaker, Alice uses her time with your team to inspire and re-ignite each person’s inherent drive to develop and better his or her interpersonal and sales skills.

The outcome?

Bar-raising results for your company or organization. Alice's speaking engagements, both in person and live online presentations, build into high-energy workshops. She will guide you and or your group in determining the best path for naturally building relationships, exponentially growing professional networks, and then transforming those relationships into leads and ultimately sales. 


  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Build a Strong Sales Team 
  • Lead Gen the Easy Way
  • Complex Sales 

Alice's Keynote Speaking Is:

  • A robust, step-by-step presentation that unveils Alice’s time tested sales secrets 
  • An engaging discussion that reveals how your team can more comfortably connect with prospects
  • An information-packed presentation that covers it all, from essential sales techniques to incorporating leading-edge technology like social media to grow a professional network