Is Google+ the Next Big Thing?

Aug 4, 2011 | Online Presence, Sales, Social Media

I just returned from the National Speakers Association Influence 2011 Conference in Anaheim, and everyone was talking about Google+. Since many of the experts there say it will be the next big thing,  I thought I’d share a few great posts and articles I’ve read recently on how to get started.  As of today, Google+ is still in limited field trial so you can’t join without having an invitation, but it’s still a  great time to learn more about it.

Noble Studios recent post How to Get Started on Google+ offered a list of tips for getting started on Google+ including creating a profile, building circles (to filter and group contacts), sparks (real-time search engine based on interests), controlling your network visibility, and more!

Here are 7 tips from Heidi Cohen:

  1. Build a presence on Google+
  2. Be where your customers & prospects are
  3. Make your content sharable on Google+
  4. Explore breadth of Google+ product suite
  5. Watch for Google+’s impact on other social media entities
  6. Know search will be involved
  7. Test your brand on Google+

Finally, there was a very interesting article on Google+ by Mike Elgan on PCWorld entitled, How Google+ Ends Social Media Fatigue. Elgan says, “For most people Google+ can replace every single medium of online communication.” We all have so many means of communication including email, a multitude of social media sites, blogs, text, instant messaging, etc. and it can be quite daunting to keep up with all of them.  “Google+ is an email service, blogging platform, micro-blogging site, news feed, video conferencing system, chat service, location-based social network and more”, says Elgan.  So it begs the question: Can Google+ replace all of them?

What do you think? Is Google+ the next big thing? Can one platform outdo the rest by consolidating all their features?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think.



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