Sales Talk for CEOs: How to Use Story as Rocket Fuel for Sales with Expert Park Howell (S2:E17)

May 31, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Every salesperson today wants to have more sales conversations. But they’re difficult to get because it’s become so hard to get the buyer’s attention. Want to break through the noise? Try storytelling. Learning how to effectively use story in your messaging can dramatically increase the number of sales conversations and conversions. This is a big topic, and I know CEOs are eager to learn more about using story to boost their business. That’s why I invited Park Howell, author of Brand Bewitchery and host of the Business of Story podcast, as the guest for this special episode in my Experts Series.

During our conversation, Park dives into the who, what, and why of using story as a business strategy. He explains what CEOs should understand about storytelling and why it’s so effective. We discuss the ‘how to’ of good storytelling, including the ‘and-but-therefore’ (ABT)  framework, and how to get your sales team actively involved in storytelling. Finally, you’ll get several examples of companies that found great success when they started using story in their message.

I can personally attest to the power of storytelling because I’ve seen incredible results from it in my own business. If you’re a CEO interested in using story in your messaging, get started today by listening to this podcast.

Watch the podcast below or on our YouTube channel.

Highlights of this Episode:

[2:32] What CEOs should understand about storytelling

[5:56] How CEOs can use story to help sales

[8:30] Future-based storytelling

[11:37] The power of the founder’s story

[16:54] The ‘and-but-therefore’ (ABT) framework for storytelling

[24:15] Training your sales team in storytelling

[31:34] Real examples of how story can boost sales

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