Is your sales team productive 

If you’re a CEO or sales leader feeling like your sales team isn’t as productive as they should be, it’s time to look at priorities instead of activities. If you want your team to close more deals, they need to focus on what’s important.   

Want to hear more? Listen to my episode of the Sales Reinvented Podcast with host Paul Watts.  

In the episode I lay out: 

  • Why clear leadership and expectations are key to productivity. 
  • Why prioritizing tasks starts with your funnel. 
  • Why your salespeople are unproductive. 
  • Attributes of a productive team. 
  • Tools, strategies, and tactics to improve your team’s productivity. 
  • The top 3 productivity do’s and don’ts. 

About the Author Liz Heiman

A strategic thinker, sales strategist, Japanist, and Rotarian, Liz is a coach, trainer, and prolific speaker on the topics of sales and sales leadership. Liz loves sales, and enjoys working with sales leaders to create strategies and processes that make sense AND bring in results.

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