How to Get Creative in Sales

Dec 10, 2020 | Events, Lead Gen, Prospecting

I have always had a creative side to me.  

Many of you don’t know this, but I was actually an art major in college (yes the sales gene has always been with me but I also have that creative gene too). 

One of the reasons I love sales so much is because I can be creative. Problem-solving requires creativity and so I believe it is one of my superpowers. 

Creativity in Sales

What is needed now is creativity. 

The biggest problem I’m seeing today is that salespeople don’t get through to the people they need to talk to, the decision-makers. 

What most salespeople would like right now is more conversations with people who can make decisions to buy but they can’t have those conversations if they can’t get through. 

Why can’t they get through? 

  • They’re sending generic emails with no personalization or value
  • They’re sending a sales message on LinkedIn with no personalization or value
  • They’re cold calling without a valid business reason, again, no personalization or value

They do not stand out. They need to get CREATIVE. 

Cold outreach can work but most sellers have very low success rates. 


Stop letting your team continue down this path of low success. Let’s get creative so we can get more conversations that will lead to sales. 

Stop the ghosting. Increase response rates. Book conversations. 

How to Get Creative in Sales 

I was recently a guest of Fred Diamond’s show, Creativity in Sales, where we discussed innovative ways sales professionals can be creative and how leadership can support that.

Watch it Now

Here are the resources mentioned in the video: 

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Alice Heiman

Alice Heiman

Alice is nationally known for her expertise in elevating sales to increase valuation for companies with a B2B complex sale that have exceptional growth potential. She’s originally, from the widely known Miller Heiman Group. Spending her time strategizing with CEOs and their leadership teams to build the strategies that find new business and grow existing accounts is her passion.  Her clients love her spirit and the way she energizes their sales organization.


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