How To Craft A Successful Proposal That Sells

Jan 25, 2017 | Sales

Even though most salespeople hate writing proposals, they spend a lot of time doing just that. That means managers spend even more time reviewing and revising proposals. Those same managers also spend a lot of time shaking their heads in dismay because the quality of the proposals just isn’t good enough.

Training salespeople to write proposals can feel like banging your head against a wall—and by the time you finish, everyone has a headache. So, let’s make this simple.

My colleague Mark Nichol on Daily Writing Tips shared his best tips on writing proposals, and we turned it into an easy-to-use guide for you and your salespeople. Use it to improve the quality of the proposals going out, and the results that come from them.

According to Mark, writing a good proposal is more of an exercise in persuading than reporting. A winning proposal requires the following elements:

  • Summary: A short overview that highlights what will be most important to the buyer
  • Statement of Need: Explanation of the problems this proposal solves for the organization
  • Description: Detailed explanation of the proposed product and service
  • Budget: A detailed breakdown of the pricing model
  • Conclusion: Restatement of the important points, including how the proposed purchase will help the buying organization

It’s also important that every salesperson create a proposal that:

  • Defines a problem and describes a solution so that the buyer understands the benefits
  • Employs facts to bolster the argument for approval. Refer to similar successful projects or explain how the project solves problems or achieves goals
  • Demonstrates possible outcomes using models, project plans, and expected results.
  • Provides a realistic picture of the entire expense

The final, finishing touch on any effective proposal is clean design and meticulous writing. What the client receives should be easy to understand a free from errors.

The better your salespeople get at writing proposals, the easier your job will be.

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