How Mission-Driven Companies Benefit from Founder-Led Sales with Bronwyn Spira (S4:Ep10)

Apr 25, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

It’s not surprising that Bronwyn Spira, after trying many different sales strategies, landed back on the founder-led model. In mission-driven companies, founders often deliver the most compelling pitch.

She then set about recruiting a sales and marketing team to support the sales process across the entire customer journey.

Stick with us to the end where Bronwyn leaves us with her three growth tips for every CEO.

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[00:00] A platform for patients and practitioners

[04:20] Getting Sales Started

[08:32] Back to Co-founder Led Sales

[12:25] The Importance of Strong Marketing

[16:56] Finding the Right Sellers – Hungry and Driven

[24:15] Building Relationships and Trust Over Time

[30:42] Customer Success at Scale

[33:40] The Future of Force

[38:25] Executive Sponsors

[42:53] Three Tips for CEOs

About Our Guest:

Bronwyn Spira is a physical therapist and the founder and chief executive officer of Force Therapeutics, a provider-prescribed digital care management platform that empowers patients throughout an episode of care. Bronwyn is passionate about improving patient engagement and satisfaction with rehab and recovery by delivering high-quality, clinically validated remote care to patients, regardless of access challenges.

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