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Aug 12, 2015 | Sales

In Mindset Structure Pyramidthis Motivational Minute you can hear Earl Nightingale talk about how our thoughts form our minds and how our minds shape our destiny. Although we all have a fairly good idea about how our world works, we are not always clear as to how our minds work. After interviewing hundreds of peak performers, I realize that they all created their own mindset – a set of attitudes and beliefs that serve them and help them win. They are the master of their thoughts, not the slave to their impulses.

Here is how I believe our mindset is structured:

Implanted Mindset

At the bottom level is the implanted mindset. Our parents or caretakers implanted ideas in us that explained how the world works. They laid down the rules, the do’s and don’ts, and how to get along. Think of the implanted mindset as a garden with flowers, weeds, and rocks. The flowers are the gifts we received from them that we treasure every day. The weeds are the unpleasant memories we wish we could do without. The rocks are the heavy experiences we had to endure that weighed us down. The implanted mindset is the hardest to change, however, we have a choice to water the flowers and stop watering the weeds. We can also remove the rocks and plant new seeds.

Imprinted Mindset

The second level is the imprinted mindset. These are the experiences we created when someone impressed us, like a great teacher, a mentor or a coach. Or a motivational speaker like Earl Nightingale. Here is a quick video with my friend Jim Cathcart in which he shares how Earl Nightingale’s message impressed him enough to transform his life.

Inspired Mindset

The third level of the pyramid is the inspired mindset. We all have deep within us something special that we might call “inner magic” or a talent that wants to come out, or a dream that invites us to think about exploring a new direction in our lives. If we become aware and listen to our inspired mindset, it will start the engine of self-transformation and we’ll get a better than even chance to lead a more meaningful life.

I’ve had the privilege to meet Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP who wrote a very inspiring book about his personal and professional transformation in Winners Dream. In the short video below, he talks about the “inner magic” and how he empowers people to recognize and actualize that gift we all have.

I believe that sales managers need to stop wasting time fixing the wrong problems and start helping salespeople transform and enhance their mindset. It is amazing how quickly salespeople can solve their own problems once they learn how to build a peak performance mindset.

The moment you begin helping your salespeople improve their mindset you will be able to turn many of your frozen assets into liquid assets and confidently reach your most ambitious goals.

Parting thought…

What’s most important in your company is not people, but the collective mindset of your people. Their mindset is your most valuable asset.

Many thanks to Gerhard for sharing this post with us. For more great inspiration from Gerhard, click here.

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Gerhard Gschwandtner


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