Sales Talk for CEOs: Developing Sales Leaders from Inside Your Business with Patrick Parker (S2:E11)

Apr 14, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Many CEOs struggle to find sales leaders, including sales managers and VPs of sales. Not Patrick Parker. Patrick is the CEO of SaaS Partners, which helps early-stage entrepreneurs and builds in-house products to start new companies. Patrick is launching new businesses all the time, yet he never struggles to find sales leaders.

His secret?

Patrick has identified the exact traits to look for in new salespeople, and then he strategically grooms them into leadership roles. If you want to learn the formula for successfully developing sales leaders from inside your business, you’ll have to listen to this episode of Sales Talk for CEOs!

Patrick has always been interested in team-building and has a passion for lifting people up. During our discussion, he talks about this background, and then we dig into the details of finding the right salespeople that show promise. You’ll learn Patrick’s theory on promoting people from within and how he uses incentives to build up individuals and teams. We also dive into the exact traits to look for in new sales hires, including self-awareness, motivation, curiosity, and agility, and how you can evaluate those characteristics during the job interview and in daily work. If you’re a CEO who has struggled to find the right sales leaders for your company, listen in to learn how you can groom the perfect managers and VPs from inside your business!

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Highlights of this Episode:

[6:19] A passion for lifting people up

[9:12] Promoting people from within

[15:09] Using incentives to build individuals and teams

[18:16] Traits to look for in promising sales team members

[21:06] Understanding what motivates your team

[30:22] Building a culture of curiosity and growth

[35:48] More indicators of a person who can ‘level up’

About Our Guest

Patrick Parker is the Founder and CEO of SaaS Partners, a company that helps entrepreneurs launch, scale, and troubleshoot their SaaS products. A five-time tech founder, Patrick has focused his career on helping new teams bring innovative solutions to market.

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