Sales Talk for CEOs: Companies are Bought, they are not Sold with Tracy Young (S4Ep17)

Jul 25, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Being a first-time female entrepreneur in a male dominated space is no easy feat, and Tracy Young’s journey starting a tech company in the construction industry is truly inspiring.

She co-founded PlanGrid after recognizing the inefficiencies of paper blueprints and digitized them with tablet-friendly software that streamlined construction processes.

Tracy’s innovative solution caught fire and drove massive organic growth for PlanGrid.

She also built a strong sales team, learning from experienced reps and empowering her employees.

Ultimately, Autodesk acquired PlanGrid, validating both Tracy’s and PlanGrid’s value.

Building on her success, Tracy launched TigerEye to help sales teams optimize their strategies and unlock their full potential.

Tracy’s story showcases the incredible achievements of women entrepreneurs in male-dominated industries, and how game changing innovation can happen anywhere in your organization.

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[02:44] Tracy Young explains the problem PlanGrid solved in the construction industry

[06:14] Tracy Young and her co-founders quit their jobs to work on PlanGrid full-time

[08:21] PlanGrid starts selling to friends and receives positive feedback

[10:41] PlanGrid’s user base grows through word-of-mouth and virality

[16:31] PlanGrid transitions to selling to enterprise customers

[19:58] Challenges of selling to enterprise customers and expanding product offerings

[22:18] Tracy Young discusses the importance of understanding the needs of different decision-makers

[33:00] Autodesk acquires PlanGrid

[38:06] Tracy Young and her husband co-found TigerEye

[45:23] Tracy Young shares where to find TigerEye and connect with her

About Guest

Tracy Young is the co-founder of TigerEye, a software company that helps sales leaders track and predict the future performance of their sales teams. She was also the co-founder and CEO of PlanGrid, a construction software company that was acquired by Autodesk. Tracy has been recognized as one of Forbes’ Top 50 Women in Tech and a Top 50 SaaS CEO by the SaaS Report.

About Company

TigerEye is a software company that helps sales leaders track and predict the future performance of their sales teams.

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