Sales Talk for CEOs: Closing Bigger Deals with Expert Lisa Magnuson (S3:E5)

Aug 11, 2022 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Lisa Magnuson is a mastermind sales strategist and author of The TOP Sales Leader Playbook and The TOP Seller Advantage. Today she joins me on a special episode of the Sales Talk for CEOs Experts Series. The topic of our conversation? Closing bigger deals. If you’re looking to scale sales by going after much larger deals, this is the perfect podcast for you.

Many companies I work with are growing sales to increase their valuation. At some point, they’ll exit, make an acquisition or bring on investors. So, scaling sales is a priority, and they want to make it happen quickly.

During our conversation, Lisa discusses the CEO’s role in closing bigger deals, the importance of celebrating wins, how to adequately prep for sales calls (and why CEOs should make this a requirement!) and how to build the right team structure.

Landing big contracts takes planning and time, but when you land a deal 5x of your largest deal yet, you’ll understand that the effort was well worth it. Use the ideas offered in this podcast to close your next big deal!

Watch the podcast below or on our YouTube channel.

Highlights of this Episode:

[0:29] Lisa Magnuson introduction

[3:41] Closing bigger deals starts with mindset

[7:36] The CEO’s role in closing big deals

[15:38] Why call planning is a must for big deals

[23:22] Building a team structure to land bigger deals

[33:19] Are you ready to land bigger deals?

About Our Guest

Lisa has a certification in Change Management from Prosci. She earned a Bachelor’s degree and graduated with honors from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.

About Top Line Sales

Top Line Sales, founded by Lisa Magnuson in 2005, has a proven track record of helping companies win more TOP Line Accounts™.  

As a Sales VP, you need your salespeople to develop and close more big deals – faster. 

Complex opportunities are long, messy, and require a higher level of sales execution. 

Top Line Sales will strategize and help your senior account executives deliver on their largest opportunities.

Our clients have won over $475m in new contracts with The Top Line Account Way toolkit.

Top Line Sales is also proud to report that 90% of our clients are repeat customers.

Show Links

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The TOP Sales Leader Playbook
The TOP Seller Advantage

You can learn more about and connect with Alice Heiman in the links below.


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