Sales Talk for CEOs: CEO’s Roadmap to Data-Driven Success: Lessons from Jonathan Silver (S5Ep14)

Dec 19, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

Imagine harnessing the power of 140 million credit card swipes to reshape your business strategy. That’s exactly what Jonathan Silver of Affinity Solutions does, and he’s here to share his groundbreaking journey with us.

In a dynamic conversation with Alice Heiman on Sales Talk for CEOs, Jonathan delves into the art of transforming consumer data into powerful business insights.

This episode is a treasure trove for CEOs looking to navigate the complexities of data-driven decision-making and innovative business growth.

Why CEOs Should Listen:

  • Strategic Utilization of Consumer Data: Embrace the transformative power of consumer data in shaping business strategies.
  • Business Agility: Learn from Jonathan’s journey about the importance of agility and responsiveness in today’s business world.
  • Sales Team Optimization: Gain insights into assembling a sales force that resonates with your company’s mission and market needs.
  • The Essence of Entrepreneurial Spirit: Discover the significance of resilience and creative thinking in driving business growth.

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[00:03] The Changing Face of Sales in Business

[01:29] The Genesis of Affinity Solutions

[04:21] From Inflatable Potties to Data Pioneers

[08:04] Pivoting to a Winning Strategy

[13:06] The Rise of Card-Linked Offers

[22:05] Building a Robust Sales Team

[29:54] Achieving Product-Market Fit

[39:14] Verticalizing for Success

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About Guest

Jonathan Silver is the Founder and CEO of Affinity Solutions, the leading consumer purchase insights company focused on outcome-based solutions.

Affinity provides comprehensive purchase insights and media measurement via exclusive, fully permissioned real-time, consumer purchase data, integrated with key ecosystem partners. This allows for seamless, privacy-centric, data access at an unprecedented scale. Affinity powers solutions for financial institutions, marketers, investment firms, consulting firms, and media & marketing enterprises by providing real-time demand signals and insights on consumer spending which drive high-value decisions that lead to better business outcomes.

Silver’s vision for Affinity is to transform data insights into experiences that improve people’s lives. He is a graduate of Wharton and the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering.

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