Sales Talk for CEOs: CEOs Can Craft & Deliver Compelling Messages that will be Remembered with Nancy Duarte (S5Ep6)

Oct 25, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

From mastering conversations to commanding the stage, dive into the mind of communication expert Nancy Duarte.

Alice and Nancy’s conversation reveals that, in an era of fleeting attention, CEOs must craft compelling narratives.

For these leaders, understanding their audience isn’t just a tip – it’s a mandate. Nancy stresses the significance of empathy and preparation, urging CEOs to don the shoes of their audience.

Gone are the days of static presentations. The modern CEO story unfolds with dynamic gestures, vocal versatility, and perfectly-timed pauses, all backed by Vanessa Van Edwards’ groundbreaking research on TED Talks.

But, how do CEOs craft this captivating narrative? It starts with the big idea, gauges the audience’s current state, and projects a vivid future. Visual aids. Essential. Practice. Non-negotiable.

As businesses evolve, CEOs mustn’t just communicate; they should inspire. Embracing storytelling, these corporate narrators don’t just lead businesses, they sculpt industries.

Join Alice and Nancy as they decode the art of impactful communication and envision a future where CEOs aren’t just heard but remembered. Tune in to the Sales Talk for CEOs podcast and let your leadership voice be the difference!

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[01:19] Need for CEOs to improve their communication and presentation skills

[02:50] Importance of empathy in effective communication

[04:41] Three key factors to consider: story, visualization, and delivery

[10:42] Ongoing conversations for long-term success and reinvention

[13:28] Staying updated on news and developments related to the audience

[15:49] Using a triangle framework to outline the big idea and desired transformation

[19:41] Recognizing qualitative signs of audience engagement and understanding

[23:12] Challenges of gauging audience engagement in virtual presentations.

[29:14] Considering alternative presentation formats, such as interviews.

[31:08] The importance of practicing and getting comfortable with the material.

[35:07] Have experts prepared to answer questions you can’t.

[40:48] Gestures, pausing, and purposeful movement enhance delivery.

[44:55] Research on how to end a talk effectively

[47:08] CEOs as thought leaders and gaining an unfair advantage

About Guest

Nancy Duarte: A Luminary in Communication and Storytelling

Nancy Duarte, the CEO of Duarte, is renowned for her expertise in the realm of communication and storytelling. With a career spanning decades, Nancy has firmly established herself as an American writer, speaker, and business leader Nancy Duarte – Wikipedia. Her profound knowledge is encapsulated in her books, one of which is titled “Slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations” Slide:ology |.

Beyond her literary contributions, Nancy is recognized as a communication expert who has offered her expertise to help brands articulate their stories compellingly Nancy Duarte Built A 30 Year Career In Silicon Valley On The Art Of Storytelling ( Her achievements and insights have caught the attention of renowned publications such as Fortune, Time Magazine, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few Nancy Duarte — Faith Driven Entrepreneur.

Throughout her professional journey, Nancy has encountered various adversities, which she has transformed into learning experiences, further enriching her expertise and perspective Interview | Nancy Duarte, CEO | The Industry Leaders

In essence, Nancy Duarte’s journey and achievements paint a picture of dedication, expertise, and a genuine passion for enhancing communication across various sectors.

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