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Stop Talking about Products and Start Talking about Problems

Stop Talking about Products and Start Talking about Problems

At many companies, salespeople and marketers focus on products when talking to customers – not business problems.   The challenge is to get your sales and marketing team to focus on your customer’s business

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Sales Playbooks

This is Why You Need a Sales Playbook

My clients often ask about sales playbooks. Should they have one? What format should it be? What should be included? How many should they have?  To be honest, I have shied away from playbooks because

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Sales Team

Superpowers Every Sales Team Needs!

The Buyers Journey is Complicated  It’s more complex than ever to close a deal with a large company. There is a minimum of 6.8 buyers involved. Buyers have to validate, collaborate and come to a

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Boost Sales Performance

Energize and Appreciate Your Sales Team to Boost Performance

As a sales leader or business owner, you want every member of your team motivated, excited and committed to hitting goals and bringing in revenue. Usually, the positive attitude you seek from each salesperson

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Fire Up Your Sales Team

The Heat is On! Summer is here (in some locations it’s hot) and it seems everyone is on vacation. This might give your salespeople a signal to slow down because they think everyone is out of the office.

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Ensure Sales Success

2 Ways to Ensure Sales Success

You’ve got your number and you’ve got a great strategy to hit your number. Now, how are you going to make it happen? Execution is everything. Right?  What’s Your Plan?  How

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Peak performance

How to Get Better Performance Out of Your Sales Team

How do you get better performance from your sales team?  Pause, Reflect, Refine, Advance  Better Performance I hear the same thing from sales leaders over and over. “I want my team to perform

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How to Make Sales Training More Effective

If I hear the phrase “sales training doesn’t work” one more time, I think I’ll scream. If done well, sales training works fine, for what it’s designed to do. This may spark a semantics debate,

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Grow Your Pipeline And Revenue With These Fundamentals

Why are sales leaders still struggling to help their reps manage their pipelines? Managing pipelines is a primary responsibility for every sales manager. But, a study by Vantage Point Performance and the

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3 Benefits of Account-Based Sales Development in Your Small Business

3 Step Account-Based Sales Development for Small Business

I was talking with Johnathan Allen, from Salesloft, the other day and asking him how he thought small businesses could use Account Based Selling. We had a great conversation so I asked him to write a blog

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