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LinkedIn Evangelist

CEOs and Sales Leaders: Be Your Company’s LinkedIn Evangelist

Chief Lead Generator As the CEO you probably don’t think it is your responsibility to generate leads. But imagine if your actions drove traffic to your website or caused someone to email or pick up

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Engaging Your Prospects Across Social Platforms

Where Are Your Prospects?  We need to meet our prospects and customers where they are. That might be at a trade show or event, at their office, on the phone, via email or on social media. Do you know

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2 Ways to Win at LinkedIn

61 million LinkedIn users are senior-level influencers and 40 million are in decision-making positions. There are 87 million millennials on LinkedIn with 11 million in decision-making positions. LinkedIn

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How to be more effective on LinkedIn

How to Be More Effective on LinkedIn

There are more than 467 million members on LinkedIn. Are you and your sales team? I would hope so! Social selling is critical for the modern seller. Social selling provides new opportunities for salespeople

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How to Close More Deals with Social Media

Sales is Social It’s funny to me that people forget that sales is a social process. Selling is mostly an interaction between people. Granted you can buy some products or services from a website and never

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LinkedIn Company Page

How to Have a LinkedIn Company Page That Gets Results

People ask me all the time if they should have a LinkedIn company page. Based on the statistics, the answer is probably, yes, however, there may be some exceptions. Here are some questions you can ask

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How an Hour a Day on Social Media Can Grow Your Sales

As a business owner and one of the salespeople for my company, I am busy. Just like you, I have to run my business and sell, and it doesn’t seem like I can get it all done. We all need to juggle many

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A Twitter Secret You Need to Know

Note from Alice: Want to know one of my secrets? I use Twitter lists to keep up with clients, prospects, and colleagues, and keep current on the trends in sales and marketing. There are SO many ways you

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2 Ways To Fail At Using LinkedIn

When I joined LinkedIn on February 21, 2005, I had no idea what it was or how to use it. It took a while, but I did figure out how to use LinkedIn to get connected, stay connected, share valuable content

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Why You Hate Networking and 5 Ways To Get Over It

Networking Is A Waste of Time “I hate networking.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that from business owners. They don’t want to do it and feel it has no value whether

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