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The Trade War means a Battle for Your Business: The 4 steps you must take now

No heavy artillery? No bullets flying? It doesn’t sound like much of a war. But, this could mean life or death for your business. When global giants like the US, China, and the EU clash, companies

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Sales Expert Alice Heiman featured in Entrepreneur’s Startups® magazine

Most entrepreneurs know networking is important, but they may not realize just how crucial it is to the success of their new venture. “Building a network helps entrepreneurs get their product to market

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Sales Expert Alice Heiman featured in Baby Shop Magazine

Small business owners are busier than ever. They not only head a business, but they typically run daily operations that can include inventory control, staffing, finances, sales, and marketing. With many

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In Her Own Words: Sales-Strategy Consultant Alice Heiman

Northern Nevada Business Weekly: Tell us about your company. Alice Heiman: The mission of my company is to help companies increase sales. I work primarily with small business owners and entrepreneurs who

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