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Talk to the People You Know

This is Why You Should Talk to The People You Know

Talk to the People You Know What are your salespeople doing all day? Is it productive? Are they getting results?  Do they dial the phone 100 times and reach one person?  Do they send hundreds of emails

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Networking at Conferences

This is How To Make the Most of Networking at a Conference

Many of us attend conferences for continuing education, but these can be great networking opportunities also if we have the right mindset. Approaching new people can be difficult because of the obstacles

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13 Great Speakers. 1 Great Event. Here’s What You Missed.

We did it! We just completed the final Sales 3.0 Conference of the year. We wrapped up in Philadelphia for a fantastic one-day event that was a day filled with great speakers, networking and of course,

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11 Tips to Make Networking Easier for Introverts

Networking, whether in person or on social media is a critical part of the modern sales process. If you are a sales leader, you have probably realized that while your sales team is primarily staffed with

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This Is Why You Need to Attend the Sierra Sales Summit

Learning is Good for Your Health According to Harvard Business Review, studies show that continued learning is good for your health and your wallet. We know that the best sellers today are agile sellers,

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What Kind of Networker Do You Want to Be?

When you walk into a networking event, you’re walking into a room where everyone’s personality is on display. Over there in the corner is a person who looks like they want to talk to new people,

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5 Kick Ass Ways an Entrepreneur can get Results from Networking

Can you believe it’s almost June 30th and the end of Q2? I feel like the first part of the year has just flown by! Now that it’s summer, it’s time for barbecues, parties, and events —

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Why You Hate Networking and 5 Ways To Get Over It

Networking Is A Waste of Time “I hate networking.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that from business owners. They don’t want to do it and feel it has no value whether

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How To Turn New Prospects Into Lasting Clients

Recently, my friend Carol Luong from Leadfeeder reached out to get some of my top tips on how to improve your business networking, lead generation, and sales skills. It was an excellent interview, and

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What I Learned About Lead Generation at Dreamforce

Last year I wrote Dream or Nightmare What I Learned at Dreamforce. It was my first year and I was completely overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to expect and it was all brand new. I met a lot of people

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