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How to be more effective on LinkedIn

How to Be More Effective on LinkedIn

There are more than 467 million members on LinkedIn. Are you and your sales team? I would hope so! Social selling is critical for the modern seller. Social selling provides new opportunities for salespeople

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LinkedIn Company Page

How to Have a LinkedIn Company Page That Gets Results

People ask me all the time if they should have a LinkedIn company page. Based on the statistics, the answer is probably, yes, however, there may be some exceptions. Here are some questions you can ask

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2 Ways To Fail At Using LinkedIn

When I joined LinkedIn on February 21, 2005, I had no idea what it was or how to use it. It took a while, but I did figure out how to use LinkedIn to get connected, stay connected, share valuable content

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5 Secrets to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence

Did you know that 46% percent of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from LinkedIn? With that kind of reach, it’s no wonder why 79% of B2B Marketers say LinkedIn is an effective source

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What's In a name?

What’s In A Name – Will I Find You On LinkedIn

Do You Know Me? Do you know me? No, but you sent me a request on LinkedIn. You must want to get to know me or you wouldn’t have done that right? I replied to your request and I sent you a note so that

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A sales tool you can't afford not to use

A Sales Tool You Can’t Afford Not to Use

Having a LinkedIn Profile is not an option. Are you still resisting? Can’t figure out how spending time on LinkedIn will increase your sales? Don’t know exactly what to do to get results? I

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Stand Out on LinkedIn

Standing out from the crowd is necessary if you want to increase sales. There is so much competition. Your product has to be faster, better or cheaper or you better have extraordinary people and outstanding

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Don’t Put That in Your Status Update!

I learn so much from following a variety of LinkedIn experts. I read this recently and asked Wayne if I could share. Of course, he said yes. Guest Blog from Wayne C. Breitbarth LinkedIn

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You’ve Changed! What LinkedIn’s Changes Mean to You

Is LinkedIn Better Now? If you are wondering about all of the recent changes on LinkedIn, you are not alone. Many of the changes are cosmetic and many make it easier to use. If you are like most people,

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