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What's In a name?

What’s In A Name – Will I Find You On LinkedIn

Do You Know Me? Do you know me? No, but you sent me a request on LinkedIn. You must want to get to know me or you wouldn’t have done that right? I replied to your request and I sent you a note so that

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A sales tool you can't afford not to use

A Sales Tool You Can’t Afford Not to Use

Having a LinkedIn Profile is not an option. Are you still resisting? Can’t figure out how spending time on LinkedIn will increase your sales? Don’t know exactly what to do to get results? I

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Don't Click to Connect

Don’t Click to Connect on LinkedIn

Yes, you heard me right. Don’t just click to connect. There is an epidemic of people out there misusing social media. Instead of using it to get to know people, build deeper relationships and help others

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Not getting what you want from networking?

Not Getting What You Want from Networking?

The Problem I attend a lot of local and national events. Trade shows like IFE, professional organization’s chapter events like ATD and local and national chamber events. These events have a lot

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Stay Out of LinkedIn Jail

People are misusing LinkedIn left and right. As with any tool you can be most effective when you use it properly and that usually requires some learning. Unfortunately we see people self-promoting and

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#1 Marketing Tip

My #1 Marketing Tip

I’m Not a Marketing Expert I am not a marketing expert and I don’t ever promote myself that way but I do a lot of marketing for my own business and help my clients with lead generation. I’ve

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Stand Out on LinkedIn

Standing out from the crowd is necessary if you want to increase sales. There is so much competition. Your product has to be faster, better or cheaper or you better have extraordinary people and outstanding

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Should I Connect with People I Don’t Know On LinkedIn?

Isn’t Networking about meeting people I don’t know? I get this question constantly. There are several ways to look at this. LinkedIn is designed for you to connect to people you know, however,

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Are You Networking With a Bag Over Your Head?

Would you attend a networking event with a bag over your head? Of course not. But on LinkedIn people do it all the time. Being on LinkedIn without a photo is like attending a networking event with a bag

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