Sales Talk for CEOs: Case Studies Close Deals with Julian Lumpkin (S4Ep16)

Jul 18, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

If CEO, Julian Lumpkin, learned one thing from his sales career it was to follow what the most successful sellers were doing and do that. It paid off.

Before starting SuccessKit, he learned to use case studies to sell and realized that his company didn’t have a way to produce these. All of the successful salespeople had collected these stories, memorized them and used them over and over.

Knowing that all salespeople need case studies throughout the sales cycle, SuccessKit was born.

Recently, he realized that the referrals he was getting weren’t going to power his growth to meet his goals so he added another way for customers to find him and started a series of highly successful online events where he trains salespeople on how to use case studies.

Julian is still working on the barriers to increasing sales, so listen to what he has done, including launching a new product line, one that his customers really needed.

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[02:54] Importance of customer success

[04:23] Authentic language from clients

[10:50] Developing case studies and using inexpensive paid advertising to get leads

[15:37] Importance of having a formal referral strategy in place

[16:07] The importance of collecting and organizing case studies

[19:56] Organizing case studies by significant challenges and important problems

[20:59] Building and owning a library of case studies

[23:23] Best practices for using case studies in the sales process

[24:28] Importance of understanding prospect’s unique concerns and priorities

[33:18] Hiring salespeople without a good process for inbound and outbound leads

[38:48] Tips for getting started on creating case studies

About Guest

Julian has been in the sales world for over 14 years. He started his career in tech sales, moved to management, and then founded SuccessKit in 2016. He serves as the point person for new clients, ensuring that each project is initiated, executed smoothly, and delivered on time. With a strong passion for entrepreneurship, Julian has established himself as a key figure in the business world. His leadership and expertise have led to the founding of SuccessKit, where he plays a crucial role in bringing on new clients, ensuring their success, and overseeing project management.

Julian’s entrepreneurial journey is fueled by his commitment to delivering exceptional results and his ability to foster strong client relationships. Through SuccessKit, he has created a platform that provides clients with the tools and support they need to thrive in their respective industries. Julian’s dedication to client success has earned him a reputation for excellence, and he continues to make a significant impact in the business community.

About Company

Success Kit is a B2B company that creates case studies and customer success stories in written and video formats to help salespeople provide relevant examples of customer success during the sales process. The company encourages its clients to read and categorize their case studies appropriately based on verticals, personas, and the most significant challenges solved. According to SuccessKit, the best case studies start with a problem and build a story arc using Joseph Campbell’s story arc to create a good story that people can lean into and recognize themselves.

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