Sales Talk for CEOs: Building Relationships to Grow Your Business with Amir Reiter (S1:E17)

Nov 25, 2021 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

If there is one thing to take away from this episode of Sales Talk for CEOs, it’s that CEOs should be making connections. If you’re not reaching out to customers, employees, peers, and mentors, you are missing out on opportunities to learn and grow. I understand that this doesn’t come naturally for everyone, but when you hear about the benefits of networking, evangelizing, and building relationships in today’s interview, I know you’ll be motivated to make it a priority.

This episode features Amir Reiter, CEO of CloudTask, a B2B Lead Generation company helping SaaS companies drive revenue growth through teams of sales development professionals. Amir has spent his career focusing on relationships, and it is these relationships with customers, employees, mentors, and peers that have helped him build the company to what it is today.

In the interview, Amir shares many stories about how he has used networking, evangelizing, and relationship-building to grow his company, including stories about:

  • How he initially built the company by creating a network of people who believed in him and the product—and that network became the voice of awareness for others.
  • How he hires as few employees as possible but really takes employees under his wing to develop their confidence and help them feel like part of the team.
  • How he actively seeks out relationships with other business owners to learn from their mistakes, and how recent advice caused an important shift in his business model.
  • How he prioritizes evangelizing for the company by strategically using social media and finding networking opportunities.

Amir Reiter has built CloudTask out of (in his words) persistence and trial and error. Every step of the way, he reaches out to others and observes the world around him to make better decisions. His story is sure to motivate you to do the same, so you, too, can strategically build relationships to grow your business.

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[3:45] Following your passions

[8:35] Using networking to get to the next level

[11:04] Defining your success as customer (and employee) success

[14:50] Confronting your limiting beliefs

[21:38] The role of CEO as evangelizer

[24:49] An important lesson: less is more

[33:10] Building team culture

About Our Guest

Amir is a modern-day General. A business strategist and leader with an aptitude for scaling SaaS companies to the next level.

With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, Amir has been able to grow his company from a small boutique operation into one that services some of the most well-known tech giants today.

His methodology always starts with strategy first, then rapid execution – both have served him well as he’s grown his successful company from 3 employees to over 300+ staff members in under 5 years!

He’s an expert at finding efficiencies, negotiating deals, and building revenue from scratch. His expertise lies in his ability to understand what clients need before they know it themselves!

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