Bringing Your Prospects to YOU!

Jul 10, 2012 | Building Relationships, Networking

As many of you call me the Queen of Networking, you know that I recommend heading out to various events as a way to meet new people you can collaborate with and develop into a referral source. However, it’s not always easy to find qualified prospects at these events.

Years ago I realized if I wanted to get in front of people who could buy from me, a faster way than calling on them one at a time was to invite them to an event.  This has been a successful lead generator for me and I now hold online and in person events on a regular basis and invite small business owners to attend.

Bringing your customers to you can be very successful for any size business. However just holding a sale or pitching them on your services is not a draw.  You have to be ingenious and develop programs that they want to attend, but even then it’s hard to get them there.  People are busy, there are lots of other events they can choose from and they are tired.  Once you have put an enticing program together the hard work of promoting it begins.

Here are my best tips for getting people to your events:

1. Make sure you are offering something of value.

2. Ask your customers to bring a guest.

3. Mail invitations and then email a follow up.

4. Use social media.

5. Make phone calls.

Here’s the article that inspired me. Five Sneaky Little Ways (you might be missing) to Promote Events.

How are you finding prospects?? Please feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading my blog! If you would like more “how to” information about sales please email me


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