Not getting what you want from networking?

Not Getting What You Want from Networking?

The Problem I attend a lot of local and national events. Trade shows like IFE, conferences like NSA, professional organization’s chapter events like ATD and local and national chamber events. These

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Got Leads? 6 Ways to Keep Your Funnel Full

“I don’t need any more leads.”  These are words I rarely hear.  But if you are saying that please give me a call and I’ll help you develop a plan to qualify them and move them through your funnel. 

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Sales Training – It’s Not Enough

As business owners, we all want to increase our sales. One of the ways to do that, is brush up our sales skills. That leads us to get sales training for ourselves and our teams. Join Sales Success Training

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Sales Happening too Slowly?

We Need More Sales Now! For every entrepreneur I know, things happen too slowly. Nothing seems to happen fast enough when it comes to sales. So how do we speed sales up?       For starters we can

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Go Sell!

Go Sell!  What are you waiting for? I wish is was that easy. There are many things that get in the way of selling. What do you really need in order to just go sell. Number one, you need time. That means

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Stay Out of LinkedIn Jail

Stay Out of LinkedIn Jail People are misusing LinkedIn left and right. As with any tool you can be most effective when you use it properly and that usually requires some learning. Unfortunately we see

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How Important is Your Network?

Your Network I say it is the most valuable asset a business person has today.  More important than your inventory, building, or bank account. Without your network, the rest doesn’t matter and you

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#1 Marketing Tip

My #1 Marketing Tip

I’m Not a Marketing Expert I am not a marketing expert and I don’t ever promote myself that way but I do a lot of marketing for my own business and help my clients with lead generation. I’ve

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Stand Out on LinkedIn

Standing out from the crowd is necessary if you want to increase sales. There is so much competition. Your product has to be faster, better or cheaper or you better have extraordinary people and outstanding

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Planning to Sell?

Strategic Planning on My Mind Are you planning to sell?  Silly question. Of course you are. But probably not the way I mean. This time of year, as a business owner, I have strategic planning on my mind.

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