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Key Accounts: An Insider’s Look at How to Foster Relationships and Get More Sales

Do you ever wonder if your key accounts are growing as much as they could be? (If you answered yes, then I have a webinar just for you). My clients are often shocked to discover how much money they are

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The Trade War means a Battle for Your Business: The 4 steps you must take now

No heavy artillery? No bullets flying? It doesn’t sound like much of a war. But, this could mean life or death for your business. When global giants like the US, China, and the EU clash, companies

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How to Use Your Funnel to Grow Your Business

Do you have a sales funnel? Or maybe you call it a pipeline? Maybe you don’t call it anything, but no doubt, you have a list of prospects that are somewhere in the buying process. Many smaller companies

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How to Have Values That Support a Winning Sales Culture

Did you ever wonder why values are part of a strategy or strategic plan? It’s interesting how some people get really excited about mission, vision, and values, while others like to focus on goals and

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How to Use Strategy as a Filter to Drive Sales

Some business decisions just aren’t easy, like which markets to go after and which customers to say no to. But they can become easier when made in context. Context matters. In this case, the context

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This is Why Closing Deals is About Strategy, Not Luck

Do you sometimes feel like your sales team is counting on luck, instead of strategy and process to close deals?   Of course, I am going to advocate for strategy and process but sometimes, yes, you

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What Happens When You Have Braindates with Founders

SaaStr Annual 2018 just wrapped up in San Francisco. After 3 days of non-stop networking, listening to incredible speakers and having many Braindates, I finally have a chance to sit down and reflect

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11 Tips to Make Networking Easier for Introverts

Networking, whether in person or on social media is a critical part of the modern sales process. If you are a sales leader, you have probably realized that while your sales team is primarily staffed with

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Warning! These 7 Things Will Make You a Spooky Sales Rep

I just couldn’t resist writing about spooky sales reps—it is Halloween, after all! You know, when all the spooky, creepy things are supposed to come out. It’s that time of year when ghosts, goblins,

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The 6 Questions That Will Make Your Sales Strategy Successful

Recently, I collaborated with a company creating a complex digital ecosystem, which required a multi-tiered marketing and sales approach. There were very specific major corporations that this company needed

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