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Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling and Beyond

The pandemic brought with it many changes and challenges that companies had to face in 2020 and many of those continue. Some companies are thriving, some are struggling, and some are in between but

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How to Take Care of Yourself to Sell More

How to Take Care of Yourself to Sell More

It’s great to give to your family, friends, and clients. But the most important gift is the gift of taking care of yourself. By giving yourself this gift, you could increase your sales more than ever

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Mutual Action Plan

How to Create a Mutual Action Plan (MAP)

What is a Mutual Action Plan?   A Mutual Action Plan (MAP) is a coordinated, strategic plan that smooths the way for buyers to make a purchase from you.   This is a living document, created by the

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How to Get Creative in Sales

I have always had a creative side to me.   Many of you don’t know this, but I was actually an art major in college (yes the sales gene has always been with me but I also have that creative gene too).  One

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Best Day

Are You Having Your Best Day?

As leaders, most of us work long hours. It’s not unusual for me to hear a CEO or sales leader tell me they put in 12-hour days. There is always so much to be done and not enough time. Even when we love

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LinkedIn Evangelist

CEOs and Sales Leaders: Be Your Company’s LinkedIn Evangelist

Chief Lead Generator As the CEO you probably don’t think it is your responsibility to generate leads. But imagine if your actions drove traffic to your website or caused someone to email or pick up

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Customer Retention

8 Ways to Blow Your Customers’ Minds

What is the CEO’s role as “CCO – Chief Customer Officer” in these challenging times? I started thinking about this for each of my clients. I thought, “What could the CEO do right

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Sales Coach

Winners Have Great Sales Coaches

No matter what industry you are in, the game of sales has changed. As I always say, “Good selling is good selling,” but there are some changes we all need to make to continue to bring in new business

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Sales Books that will help you grow

4 Sales Books That Will Help You Grow

More books! In our last book round-up, I shared 3 sales books you could recommend to your sales leadership for cost-effective learning opportunities and book clubs. I hope they read a few. I’d love

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Selling Activities

Are You in the Dark When it Comes to Selling Activities?

It’s very easy for salespeople to waste time on activities that either redundant or that someone else should be doing. It’s also easy for CEOs and sales leaders to be unaware of how salespeople are

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