A Customer-Success Driven Sales Strategy with Evan Liang (S4:Ep9)

Apr 18, 2023 | Sales Talk for CEOs Podcast

LeanData’s sales organization’s head count might seem too costly to some.

It was derived out of a constant quest to map internal resources to support customer success – not revenue, yet it is highly profitable.

One example, split the customer success manager role into two positions. One checking in to monitor the account health and ensure renewal. The other, a coach to provide ongoing best practice advice to customers.

Join us to learn the customer-centric sales enablement process that makes LeanData recession-proof.

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[00:00] LeanData – Revenue Orchestration

[04:08] Pitching the Problem Not the Solution

[06:17] Scaling the Sales Team

[08:10] Hiring a VP Sales

[11:51] Letting Sellers Sell: 1 to 1 ratio of SDR to AE

[16:41] Adding Enablement & Customer Virality

[18:57] Revisiting The Customer Journey – Adding Coaches

[23:09] Certified Users Have Higher Renewal Rate

[27:40] What’s Next for LeanData

About Our Guest:

Evan Liang is the Co-founder and CEO of LeanData. Prior to launching LeanData in 2012, Evan worked in product, strategy, and business development roles at Microsoft, Ebay, Caring.com and Smart Modular Technologies as well as associate positions with venture capital firms Shasta Ventures and Battery Ventures.

About LeanData:

LeanData is an essential element of the modern revenue tech stack. The LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform simplifies buyer journeys while accelerating time to revenue through no-code, drag-and-drop lead routing, lead-to-account matching, automated meeting scheduling, engagement analytics, and strategic integrations.

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