Strategy and Tactics to 

Close More Deals

Increase Your Sales Exponentially.

Increasing Sales Shouldn’t Be So Hard 

You need sales growth. But, where do you start? 

We'll help you assess what is working and what is not. We will guide you every step of the way to secure your strategy, build a plan, put processes in place, accurately forecast sales and measure results.

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Define Success

Having clearly defined goals and vision will help set your team on the path to success. Company positioning and value prop are foundational components of your strategy. 

Peak Performance

Your team needs the right skillset, toolset and mindset to succeed. Assess, train and provide the tools that will launch your team toward success.

Drive Revenue

Ensuring that you have consistent revenue and are meeting your sales goals requires reliable funnel reporting, a process for funnel management, and a way to coach your team to close more deals.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Over the last year, we have grown by 112%, and Alice Heiman, LLC has been an instrumental part of that growth. She has been advising our executive and sales team with our sales strategy, process, and execution.

Greg Hughes

CEO & Founder

During our time with the AH team, our income increased by 36%, our qualified leads jumped by 20%, and I'm more efficient with my time because I now know how to qualify prospects.

Betty Scott


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Your Sales Pivot

What CEOs Need to Know About Sales Right Now

Learn how to remove fear, triage pipelines and pivot to grow sales during these turbulent times.