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Could You Be Preventing Sales?

As CEO, you’ve positioned your company for tremendous growth but your sales aren’t supporting it. Could you be the one preventing sales?

Accelerate sales and increase the value of your company with a strategist.

As the CEO of an innovative company that sells to companies 10x to 100x your size, growing sales revenue is critical to earn the valuation you deserve. But your sale is complex and you’re making it more difficult than it should be because you don’t have the proper structure in place and you’re allowing your team to use outdated and ineffective methods.

You’re making it harder than it has to be.

I’ve helped 100s of CEOs who thought their underperforming teams were the root of disappointing sales results.

Over the last year, we have grown by 112%.  Alice Heiman has been an instrumental part of that growth.  She has been advising our executive and sales team on sales strategy, process, and execution.

Greg Hughes

CEO Hughes Private Capital

Set the strategy and build a sales organization that ignites sales with a sales consultant.

I just got off an informational phone call with Alice and was blown away with her insight into our sales problems. She was able to quickly evaluate the critical few high impact opportunities we should focus on.

Jay Bronec


In a sea of strategies how do you choose which will elevate sales and increase your value?

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