20 Fundamentals To Make Your Leadership Skills Soar

Nov 9, 2016 | Sales

As I’m helping my clients plan for 2017, I’m focused on the keys to success and one of the most crucial is leadership. The best plan in the world will not be successful without strong leadership. So, I was talking to my friend Mario Martinez Jr. (CEO of M3Jr Growth Strategies, keynote speaker, sales expert, and social selling champion) about what traits make a great leader. And, he was nice enough to share this list of leadership principles.

  1. Leadership is influence.
  2. “When it comes to identifying a real leader … the proof of leadership is found in the followers.” – John Maxwell
  3. People follow strength, not weakness.
  4. You must be positive all the time.
  5. Don’t blame. Don’t make excuses.
  6. It’s your business. Your attitude determines your income.
  7. You’re a leader, lead by example.
  8. Take pride in being a problem solver.
  9. Always call your management team with a possible solution. “here is my problem and here is my solution.”
  10. Are your followers excited to take your calls, or do they dread taking your calls?
  11. Do you call to complain or do you call to coach?
  12. You can’t afford to show up without excitement and passion about your business!
  13. Create a winning environment.
  14. Excuses don’t make you money.
  15. Encourage, inspire, and build people up.
  16. Always show class, tact, and respect.
  17. No one owes you anything.
  18. Remember your appearance.
  19. Sacrifice.
  20. Create a movement.

No. 20 is one of Mario’s favorite principles of leadership, and this video teaches it well. It’s a must-watch for anyone who wants to create a movement as a leader.

Read Mario’s original post here. And thanks to Mario for allowing me to share these 20 leadership axioms with my readers. Follow him on LinkedIn, on Twitter, or view his website at www.m3jr.com.

And for more on leadership, watch my and Gerhard Gschwandtner’s webinar, here.

Mario Martinez

Mario Martinez


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