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4 Sales Tools you Need to Know About

By: Alice Heiman
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I was emceeing Sales 2.0, in Las Vegas and as always, I had a great time networking with everyone there.  I have to admit it though, the technology side of this conference really got my attention.  Many of the discussions were on Sales Enablement.  I am amazed how far we have come in providing technology that supports sales reps.  With the right tools we enable salespeople to spend more time selling and close more business.

Amanda Kahlow from 6Sense showed us just how powerful data has become in the sales process.


6Sense allows sales to focus on the customers who are ready to buy now, and keep tabs on the prospects making their way through the funnel.

4 Sales Tools you Need to Know About

And for those of us who use social media to sell, Jon Ferrara’s Nimble is CRM that incorporates social media contacts.


 Nimble has re-imagined customer relationship management by pioneering the world’s first Intelligent Relationship platform. It auto-magically pulls contact profiles, email conversations and social signals into one simple place so you can effectively engage them everywhere you work. Too cool!

I had two other favorites, App Data Room and Rehearsal. Of course they are my favorites, they are also my clients. These are great tools that every sales leader should consider.


 App Data Room is an amazing new platform that keeps everything your sales people need at their fingertips or better yet, on their tablets.  Presentations, videos, spec sheets and more; where they need them, when they need them. The data is always up to date because it is pushed from marketing to the platform. As a salesperson, I love the idea of picking up my tablet and knowing it’s all there. As a manager I love knowing that my team has what they need to get the job done. That’s sales enablement.


As a long time sales trainer, I am really excited about Rehearsal.  This technology leverages what great athletes know – to be the best, you have to practice.  Salespeople rarely practice and many times the only feedback they get is a deal not closing and they usually don’t know why. Continuous practice with feedback is needed for salespeople to excel, especially when they are new. Now sales reps can practice, and sales managers can give feedback, and they don’t’ have to be in the same place or even in the same time zone. Rehearsal is an easy to use platform for practicing any communication skill. It provides a private place to practice and receive feedback.

If you are interested in enabling your sales team with new technology, give me a call and let’s figure what you need to make your business grow.

If you want to attend the upcoming Sales 2.0 March 16th in Philly, click here to Register.

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